Thursday, 2 June 2011


we, the sisterbrother duo behind the blog, are geographically asynchronous. we have become xeno/xeno. so to keep a thread between our art and our bloodline, we vowed to communicate via mail art.

amy has been much more faithfull to that promise and has sent me her art relics which look so beautiful together, i decided to do a mini curation of the work so far.

amy. scarlet letters

my favourite piece was her latest one which was the red stained tea bag on a string. amys work speaks largely of her identity and the tea bag piece is a perfectly polysemic representation, but first and foremost, it is an homage to tea, her confidante in times of distress and her hug in a mug. seriously im hilarious i bet amy is laughing right now and nodding. but on serious terms, the tea bag is the collaboration of her heritage and her biology, and i think the aesthetic reference to a tampon creates a whole sensory dissonance of disgust and absurdity at the suggestion of menstrual blood as a drink (the very idea cites back to a Germaine Greer quote about tasting period blood if i remember correctly- feminism. IDEAL.), but also connotes the the intimacy and hidden rivers in your body in which liquids like tea and blood swim through. and i love that this suggestion of the bodily interiors and closeness is embodied in the strange objectification of commercial products (food colouring and tea bags). im sure the artist herself could do a deeper analysis and can wait to see how she develops the ideas. and i definitely enjoy getting mail. its like christmas everyday, only not really.

unfortunately, i procrastinate so hardcore and i have only sent amy one piece so far. but i took an opportunity to extend this 'mini curation' while i was in the captive mindset. the outcome was less conceptual and more visual, but it is just really a translation of how i decided to use my creative energy in those moments, and is really an epitaph to the thoughts and emotions and perception in those few hours that i will never re-experience in the same way.  

adam. circadia